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Keeping it Playable: Sanding Divots
Video tips for the Dataw Island Club Golf Professionals.

Keep it Playable: Sanding Divots

. If you make a divot on the teeing area, the fairway, or the rough, please use the sand that is provided by the club to fill the divot. 

. The amount of sand should be just enough to fill in the hole only, but not result in mounding. Please smooth the sand covering out to avoid bumps.

. Fix or fill your divot plus 1. If you see unfilled divots on the course fill them while you are waiting your turn to play.

. Ensure your sand bottles are full before starting play. Additional refill boxes are available at #1 and #10 tee and at the rest stations.

. On the par 3's, sand boxes are provided for tee locations where 80% of play occurs from. For those tees, without sand boxes, please carry your sand bottle to the teeing area. We have restricted the number of sand boxes to avoid adding ball strike hazards to the course. 

. When walking inside the no cart area on the fairway (inside the white balls) to hit your next shot, take a sand bottle with you to fill the divot you may create. 

Let's all work together to keep our greens in great condition. 

We all may not be a part of the problem, but we can all be a part of the solution! 


Dave Britton, PGA Director of Golf

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