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Conservancy Tallow Tree Removal Project: 

Executive Summary
Tallow Tree White Paper
Tallow Tree Management Area (TTMA) Map
Map of Tallow Tree Locations in Northern Dataw Island (as of March 2017)
Map of Tallow Tree Locations in Southern Dataw Island (as of August 2015)

Email Articles:
Part One: How many Tallow Trees are on Dataw Island?
Part Two: How do you remove a Tallow Tree?
Part Three: What does ARB have to say about Tallow Trees?
Part Four: How did we get our Tallow Tree count?
Part Five: What do we do if we find a Tallow Tree?
Part Six: What do we do if a Tallow Tree is found on your property?
Part Seven: What is a Tallow Tree?
Part Eight: TTMA1 map
Part Nine: Area two survey results
Part Ten: Removing a Tallow Tree
Part Eleven: The Tallow Tree Terminators Expand Their Role
Part Twelve: Property Owner's Response to Tallow Trees 
Part Thirteen: Tallow Tree Terminators' Update
Part Fourteen: Watch Out for Re-Sprout
Part Fifteen: Landscaping Department has Tallow Trees Removed
Part Sixteen: Tallow Tree Survey Status Report
Part Seventeen: Tallow Trees Emerge

Conservancy Articles and Information:
Purple Martin Report - 2019
Purple Martin Report - 2018
Purple Martin Report - 2017
Purple Martin Report - 2016
Conservancy Report to the Supporters
Long-Eared Owls
Conservancy Article Dateline
Conservancy F.A.Q.'s
Wildlife Final
Barn Owl Two
Conservancy Mission Statements
Conservancy Presentation

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