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KEEP IT PLAYABLE: Keeping Our Bunkers Beautiful
Video tips from the Dataw Island Club Golf Professionals

KEEP IT PLAYABLE: Keeping Our Bunkers Beautiful 

• If your ball lands in the bunker or bounces through the bunker, enter the bunker on the low side to avoid breaking down the wall of the bunker. It takes a lot more time and effort to repair wall damage than taking a few seconds to enter the bunker at a level area.

• Raking the bunker is accomplished by using two hands on the rake and dragging and pushing lightly in one direction. Please ensure you rake all your footprints as well, and do not leave large ridges or mounds of sand.

• Exit the bunker the same way you came into it to minimize the amount of raking.

• Also remember to knock the sand off your shoes when exiting the bunker.

Dave Britton, PGA
Director of Golf

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